Friday, January 29, 2010

Jungle Fever

Today I saw a sexy sexy sexy man on the 7 train.
He was tall, built, stylish and.... he was white. So I just
stared, our eyes dancing the dance of love (ok maybe not),
then my stop came up and I got off the train- our worlds
to never collide. I've never dated a White man before,
so I cant really speak much on the topic. So I ask whats
the grass like on the other side? I might have to jump the
fence and find out myself...


J.Shari said...

IDK but my next relationship is gonna be with a rich white guy... I aint scared.

LaLa said...

Hey! Your blog is cute! I like! My boyfriend is white there is no big difference to me, maybe it depends on the individual if race is a big deal or not.

Jay H. said...

Yeah I definitely agree. It depends on the couple whether or not they are gonna make race an issue