Monday, March 15, 2010

Better Late Than Never...

So after a break from Fashion, I popped right back in just in time for the release of Jean Paul Gaultier's Target Collection last week. While nothing jumped out at me, I did like this yellow frock ($59.99)

After Collections from Rodarte, McQueen, and now Gaultier, I am ready for Target to return the emphasis on up and coming designers. Remember Tracy Feith's Traget Collection circa Summer 2009? My favorite of all of Target's Designer Collections

First Lady Michelle Obama wore two of his dresses

Feith is a major surfer dude so its not a surprise he's been sideline MIA probably hanging 10 somewhere but hopefully we'll hear from him soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mad Hatter

Most women find it hard to get their Mad Hatter on because they feel foolish in a hat. But finding a perfect hat is easy once you know your face shape and size (and no hats are not just for Easter Sunday anymore).

Face Shapes
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Oval Face
Almost any hat will look flattering on you so pick one you love and feel good in and have fun!

Round Face
If your face is round you want to slim it out by choosing a hat with a high crown. This will add length to your face and make it look slimmer.

Heart/ Triangle Shape
Like the oval face, most hats will look flattering but be careful not to choose a hat with an extremely wide brim or your chin will get lost and you'll loose definition in your jawline.
Square/Rectangle Face
Choose a hat with a rounded crown to round out your face. Also look for hats that the brim can be bent back or worn titled to soften square edges. A baseball cap looks good on this face shape but don't get sucked into looking like a soccer mom!

Face Size

Long Face
In order to offset your face choose a hat one with a short crown and a wide brim. You do not want to add more height to your face with a high crown!

Short Face
Like a round face, a short face needs extra crown and brim to add length and dimension and to your face

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Itsy Beeny Teeny Weeny ...

Though summer seems like months away, now is the best time to start looking for a great bathing suit. While the best sales for swimsuits are at the end of each summer, I do not think its wise to rack up on suits then because there is a good chance you will not be the same size when you do get to wear it a year later. So right now is a good time to start looking while its still cold and there are some sales and theres more of a chance your weight will be around the same point 3 months later for summer (unless you go on some fad diet!)

Body Types

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Big Bust
Halter tops will give extra support but still show off a little cleavage. Halters that tie around the neck and back are the best. Stay away from anything strapless. If you bust is "perky" find a halter with thin straps for a sexier look. If not stick with a thicker strap.

Small Bust
So its actually the small chested chicks that get to have all the fun! The skimpier the bikini the better. Smaller and strapless tops give the illusions of a bigger bust. Also ruffle tops, bandeau tops, and bright colors make the bust pop. Rihanna is smaller chested compared to other Hollywood starlets and she takes advantage of it with fun suits. This pink ruffled swimsuit is by black designer Celeste Johnny. It retails for $160. Also this one piece by Celeste Johnny offers more coverage and retails for $180. Try this similar bikini at Victoria's Secret for $40.

Short Legs
Avoid boyshorts and skirted bikinis, this will make you look shorter. Try bikinis with a high thigh, this will make legs look longer. Also try a plunging neckline this also elongates the body.

No Waist, Hips, Butt, etc...
If you want to look hippier, or create a wasitline or butt, do so with embellishments. Added details give the illusion of more. So a belted suit will add more of a waist line, bows on the hip will make your hips look wider, frills on your bottom... you get the picture. Now this works the other way as well, if you want to minimize these areas still away from added embellishments (and stripes!)

Sometimes no matter what, you might just be more comfortable in a one- piece. Gone are the granny one- pieces and in are new sexy one pieces that give the bikini a run for its money. This summer try a great one- piece with cut outs, one shouldered, plunging necklines, or crazy prints

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Be a Front Row Guest at Marc Jacobs Fashion Showing...

Ok maybe not front rows seats but you can see the show at the same time Anna does...

Alexander Wang just finishing streaming his Fall 2010 showing via jumbo screen in Times Square. Now there was some technical issues but what can you expect? The show also aired a little earlier via the internet at Many other designers are streaming their shows live including Marc Jacobs so put on best best pumps and pull up your laptop

Calvin Klein Men's: 2pm on Sunday, February 14, at or the Calvin Klein Facebook page
Marc Jacobs: 8pm on Monday, February 15, at
Rodarte: 12 pm on Tuesday, February 16, at
G-Star Raw: 7pm on Tuesday, February 16, at
Marc Bouwer: 9am on Thursday, February 18, at

Friday, February 12, 2010

This Recession: Even Celebs Recycle Outfits

Rihanna recently showed up at a Korean signing in this oldie but goodie. I'm sure her stylist forgot they even had it. Now I am personally waiting to see what Rihanna's new style will be because studs are officially out and Rihanna have worn enough studs for all of us. Now this hoodie is so cute and its a refreshing change from Rihanna's usually "edgy" look. Its Jeremy Scott for Adidas from about 2008 and retailed for $180. I doubt you can buy it anymore but I'm sure since Rihanna has revived it, somebody (TopShop) will recreate something similar.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Eyes Have It

It use to be fake eyelashes were only sold in outrageous lengths and extremely blunt cuts and they screamed "fake!" But nowadays with fake lashes becoming a normal part of a woman's makeup routine, there are all types of "falsies" and some are pretty undetectable.

Here's how to apply

Supplies: Fake Eyelashes (I recommend having two pairs- one for going out and one that can used for a more natural look), eyelash glue, eyeliner (eyeliner pot and artist brush seems to work the best) and mascara. A pair of tweezers and q-tips may be needed especially when first learning.

Start with a clean face. You are gonna be touching your face so apply the rest of your makeup last. Apply a strip of eyelash glue onto the eyelash (there are a couple different types- clear and white are most common. Clear dries clear (clearly) but I don't think it holds very well and it's very thin, while the white is thicker and really holds well but if youre messy the white can be seen). Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky.

Position the eyelash strip in the innermost corner of the eye and extremely close to your natural eyelash line.Use Q-tips to press and hold the strip onto the skin. Finish off with eyeliner and mascara. Before you put the mascara and eyeliner on, the eyelash will look like its floating on your eye, its the eyeliner and mascara that really seals the deal. So put on the eyeliner and mascara on then decide if the eyelash needs to be reapplied.

Left: Eyelashes reserved for nights out; Mac $15                Right: Drugstore eyelashes, more natural look; $4

Now the normal chick does not have time to do all this in the morning. I have been accused of wearing fake lashes more than once. My secret is Givenchy's Phenomen Eyes Mascara. Its only sold at Sephora and cost $30 but is welllll worth the price and exclusivity!

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was found dead in his London home.'s Tim Blanks expressed the industry and the world's emotions perfectly...

 "The news that Alexander McQueen has killed himself is particularly devastating because it always felt to me like he’d be the last man standing. He was restless, but so pragmatic with it I assumed he had what it took to endure the extreme situations he placed himself in. He was also an arch romantic with a pessimistic streak. It produced some of the most beautiful, shocking images in the history of fashion, but it’s a state of mind that can lead to endless disappointments.... For everyone left behind, there will eventually be consolation, however scant right now, in a body of work whose power will never die."

*A look back on his influential life to come soon*