Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Dress

Last night I tuned in to watch the State of the Union Address but instead found myself watching what seemed like an after work cocktail hour without the benefit of 2 dollar shots. What really took me there was seeing a third of the female audience, in brightly colored (you couldn't have missed the yellows, pinks, and sequins!) 80s circa power suits and Obama (un)intentionally cracking jokes all night. But political shenanigans aside, the most important moment of the night was the unveiling of who Michelle Obama would be wearing. Not to be showed up by her hubby, Michelle did not disappoint. She looked amazing in her two tone Isaac Mizrahi eggplant/raisin/purple/plum (this dress has been described by 20+ different adjectives for purple) dress, and no you can't find this dress at Target; it retails for $1850 (Pre-Fall 2009). The simple black waistband ties it all together. And of course she didn’t leave the house without her single strand of pearls. Her hair was probably the best it’s ever been and her makeup was less harsh than usual. I don't know about the speech, but Michelle was a success! Purple has always been an "it" color but Im sure we'll see more of it this upcoming season.

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J.Shari said...

I wouldn't have expected anything less from our First Lady. And I loved how Pres. Obama took the time to acknowledge his wife. Black Love at its finest!!