Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Eyes Have It

It use to be fake eyelashes were only sold in outrageous lengths and extremely blunt cuts and they screamed "fake!" But nowadays with fake lashes becoming a normal part of a woman's makeup routine, there are all types of "falsies" and some are pretty undetectable.

Here's how to apply

Supplies: Fake Eyelashes (I recommend having two pairs- one for going out and one that can used for a more natural look), eyelash glue, eyeliner (eyeliner pot and artist brush seems to work the best) and mascara. A pair of tweezers and q-tips may be needed especially when first learning.

Start with a clean face. You are gonna be touching your face so apply the rest of your makeup last. Apply a strip of eyelash glue onto the eyelash (there are a couple different types- clear and white are most common. Clear dries clear (clearly) but I don't think it holds very well and it's very thin, while the white is thicker and really holds well but if youre messy the white can be seen). Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky.

Position the eyelash strip in the innermost corner of the eye and extremely close to your natural eyelash line.Use Q-tips to press and hold the strip onto the skin. Finish off with eyeliner and mascara. Before you put the mascara and eyeliner on, the eyelash will look like its floating on your eye, its the eyeliner and mascara that really seals the deal. So put on the eyeliner and mascara on then decide if the eyelash needs to be reapplied.

Left: Eyelashes reserved for nights out; Mac $15                Right: Drugstore eyelashes, more natural look; $4

Now the normal chick does not have time to do all this in the morning. I have been accused of wearing fake lashes more than once. My secret is Givenchy's Phenomen Eyes Mascara. Its only sold at Sephora and cost $30 but is welllll worth the price and exclusivity!


J.Shari said...

I can testify for Givenchy...absolutely love it! I get some many compliments when I wear it...I also convinced 2 friends to go out and buy it for themselves! I usually do 1-2 coats for everyday use and 3-4 for when I go out. Definitely worth the $$!

J.Shari said...

P.S. What do you recommend to remove the lash strips? Also what do you think of individuals? They last longer and can be done for a natural everyday look as well.

Jay H. said...

Im so glad you like Givenchy! I love it too. They make fake eyelash remover but eye makeup remover works too. Just dip a swab in and work over the eyelash. I heard olive oil works too, pretty much anything oil based.
Now about individuals eyelashes, two times in my life I stopped two different chicks in the street because their eyelashes were amazingggg and come to find out they both had individual eyelash extension put on by the pros. Now even though they looked good they were clearly fake and it can get quite expensive and difficult to maintain. Individuals are good for adding fullness but I do not think they are worth adding to the already long list of womanly maintenance...