Friday, February 5, 2010

He Likes my Back Tattoos

Tattoos aren't just for the ride or die chicks anymore, new temporary tattoos are showing up and looking to be a major trend this summer. If your in a city look for local artists doing temporary transfers or tattoos. I know last summer there was an artist doing free- handed henna tattoos in Union Square and it looked really cute on exposed skin with little summer dresses. Most of the girls where getting it on their hands and around the wrist and going down the spine of the back. For you corporate America chicks get something on your back to show off in a backless sundress, something that can be covered later Most local artists charge $5-$25 and it last about 2 weeks. Also check at your local Indian eyebrow threadist, (hopefully no one is still waxing or plucking) some do henna art.
                                                              **henna does show up on darker skins; see here **

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