Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mad Hatter

Most women find it hard to get their Mad Hatter on because they feel foolish in a hat. But finding a perfect hat is easy once you know your face shape and size (and no hats are not just for Easter Sunday anymore).

Face Shapes
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Oval Face
Almost any hat will look flattering on you so pick one you love and feel good in and have fun!

Round Face
If your face is round you want to slim it out by choosing a hat with a high crown. This will add length to your face and make it look slimmer.

Heart/ Triangle Shape
Like the oval face, most hats will look flattering but be careful not to choose a hat with an extremely wide brim or your chin will get lost and you'll loose definition in your jawline.
Square/Rectangle Face
Choose a hat with a rounded crown to round out your face. Also look for hats that the brim can be bent back or worn titled to soften square edges. A baseball cap looks good on this face shape but don't get sucked into looking like a soccer mom!

Face Size

Long Face
In order to offset your face choose a hat one with a short crown and a wide brim. You do not want to add more height to your face with a high crown!

Short Face
Like a round face, a short face needs extra crown and brim to add length and dimension and to your face


J.Shari said...

Does it makes a difference on the type of hat you should wear if you have a short hair cut?

Jay said...

If you have a haircut that changes your face shape then you should take it in consideration. So if your bob makes your face look round and your gonna be wearing your hair down then try out some out round face hats

Mon Style du Jour said...

I love hats!