Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Itsy Beeny Teeny Weeny ...

Though summer seems like months away, now is the best time to start looking for a great bathing suit. While the best sales for swimsuits are at the end of each summer, I do not think its wise to rack up on suits then because there is a good chance you will not be the same size when you do get to wear it a year later. So right now is a good time to start looking while its still cold and there are some sales and theres more of a chance your weight will be around the same point 3 months later for summer (unless you go on some fad diet!)

Body Types

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Big Bust
Halter tops will give extra support but still show off a little cleavage. Halters that tie around the neck and back are the best. Stay away from anything strapless. If you bust is "perky" find a halter with thin straps for a sexier look. If not stick with a thicker strap.

Small Bust
So its actually the small chested chicks that get to have all the fun! The skimpier the bikini the better. Smaller and strapless tops give the illusions of a bigger bust. Also ruffle tops, bandeau tops, and bright colors make the bust pop. Rihanna is smaller chested compared to other Hollywood starlets and she takes advantage of it with fun suits. This pink ruffled swimsuit is by black designer Celeste Johnny. It retails for $160. Also this one piece by Celeste Johnny offers more coverage and retails for $180. Try this similar bikini at Victoria's Secret for $40.

Short Legs
Avoid boyshorts and skirted bikinis, this will make you look shorter. Try bikinis with a high thigh, this will make legs look longer. Also try a plunging neckline this also elongates the body.

No Waist, Hips, Butt, etc...
If you want to look hippier, or create a wasitline or butt, do so with embellishments. Added details give the illusion of more. So a belted suit will add more of a waist line, bows on the hip will make your hips look wider, frills on your bottom... you get the picture. Now this works the other way as well, if you want to minimize these areas still away from added embellishments (and stripes!)

Sometimes no matter what, you might just be more comfortable in a one- piece. Gone are the granny one- pieces and in are new sexy one pieces that give the bikini a run for its money. This summer try a great one- piece with cut outs, one shouldered, plunging necklines, or crazy prints


Dannea said...

exactly what type of body type do i have? i have bigger busts, short legs and not really much of an ASSet...siiiiggghhh what to do what to do

Jay H. said...

You have an amazing body!! You should wear a teeny bikini and show it off! Look for a bikini that ties at the sides and you can tie the tie up higher and make your legs look longer... we wanna see pics!!!

Dannea said...

great!! going bikini shopping this weekend...keep ya updated!!!