Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fashion Week Countdown

In honor of the upcoming fashion week, we are counting down the Top 5 Items that forever changed Fashion. So whether good or bad their impact on the industry is worth noting...

And Number 5 is the Juicy Couture Velour Sweat Suit and subsequent knockoffs...
Since 2001,the Velour Sweat Suit has been responsible for allowing women (and men) to think they can still maintain some type of flyness while being dressed down. And just in case you don't believe the woman is fly, refer to her butt for proof. It dons descriptors such as juicy, hot, sexy, angel, and fly. The suits comes in every color imaginable, which many women take advantage of by matching it to everything. Instead of the classic cotton sweatpants and t-shirt, the Velour suits offer comfort in the form of terry cloth. Now if you ever worn terry cloth, it is extremely comfortable and many 4 star hotel robes are made out of it. With that being said, an outfit made out of the same material that your robe is, should not be worn outside the house! No matter how comfortable, the Velour suit and white lowtop airforce ones should NOT be a staple outfit in your wardrobe (unless youre 40+). The Velour Suit has redefined hoodrat chic and rightfully holds down the number 5 spot.

*A comfortable alternative to the Velour suit, is a pair of cotton slacks with a big comfy sweater*

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